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Aluminum Landscape Edging and Brick Paver Edging
Welcome to Curv-Rite aluminum edging.  Curv-Rite has been manufacturing quality aluminum landscape edging and aluminum brick paver edging since the late 1980's.  Curv-Rite aluminum landscape edging has been designed with both the landscape architect and installer in mind.  Designed to be easy to install and to last a lifetime, Curv-Rite lawn edging is the perfect choice for your next landscape edging project. 

In addition to aluminum landscape edging, Curv-Rite also manufactures a full line of aluminum edging restraints.  Stable Edge aluminum paver edging is the first paver edging designed by Curv-Rite and is available in Mill Finish and Deco-Black Finish. 

Now masonry and landscape professionals also have the choice of using the 4000 Series Heavy Duty Edge Restraints. The 4000 Series is a heavy duty paver edging that can be used for pavers or natural stone.

Landscape Edging and Paver Restraint

Aluminum Lawn Edging and Aluminum Landscape Edging

Aluminum landscape edging is the perfect choice to use as lawn edging to separate flower beds from lawns or to use as a landscape edging border for gravel walkways or decomposed granite drivewaysCurv-Rite aluminum edging will never rust like steel edging or rot like wood edging.  Aluminum lawn edging and aluminum landscape edging will not warp nor crack like plastic edging either.

Curv-Rite's patented telescoping connection speeds up installation and eliminates any gaps at the connection joints common with bender board or other metal garden edging.  Aluminum landscape edging excels at creating and maintaining beautiful curves.

If your goal is to create a perfectly straight edge for a maintenance strip you might want to choose our 3500 Series landscape edging.  The 3500 Series has been engineered to be the perfect maintenance strip edging.  It has been designed not to flex, enabling the contractor to create perfect straight lines.  The ideal application for this product is to retain gravel drip edges or barriers around the perimeter of buildings .

Aluminum Paver Restraint or Aluminum Paver Edging 

Curv-Rite also manufacturers quality aluminum paver restraints.  Our most popular edge restraint for paver edging is the Stable Edge aluminum paver restraint.  Stable Edge is an excellent choice to be used as a: natural stone edging, clay paver edging, concrete paver edging and a variety of other Hardscape edging applications.

For heavy-duty edge restraint applications please review the 4000 Series edge restraint.  This heavy duty aluminum edging is the strongest edge restraint on the market and can be used for a variety of applications.  The 4000 Series is available in 6 different sizes. The 1" inch high and the 1. 5" high edge restraint is ideal for low profile stone edging.  Creating a low-profile stone edge that is easy to install and imperceptible after installation.

Use the taller sizes for taller and thicker pavers (8 cm or greater) such as a permeable concrete paver edging, thick blue stone edging and other natural cut stone edging applications.  The 4000 Series makes an excellent edge for both manufactured stone and natural stone.  

For these more demanding applications Curv-Rite recommends using the taller paver edging which is available in 2" x 2",  2.5" x 2, 3" x 3", and a 4" x 3" "L" shaped profiles.  The 4000 Series is also the ideal product for driveway edging or any heavy vehicular edging application.

Another common application for the 4000 Series is to retain crushed and loose aggregate such as decomposed granite or crushed oyster shells.

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