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4000 Series Heavy Duty Edge restraint
Available Sizes and Finishes:

1" High x 2" Wide Base x 8' Long Deco-Black and Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum)

1.5" High x 2" Wide Base x 8' Long Deco-Black and Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum) 2" High x 2" Wide Base x 8' Long Deco-Black and Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum) 2.5" High x 2" Wide Base x 8' Long Deco-Black and Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum)
3" High x 3" Wide Base x 8' Long Deco-Black and Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum)
4" High x 3" Wide Base x 8' Long Deco-Black and Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum)
4000 Series Aluminum Paver Restraint for Pavers or Natural Stone
In addition to the standard Stable Edge Paver Restraint, Curv-Rite has developed the 4000 Series Heavy Duty Edge Restraint.  Over the years we have had numerous requests from landscape professionals for a better solution to some common installation needs that were not being met by other products on the market. 

For example, a common request was for a "Low-Profile Edging" to be used with natural stone.  Another common request was a heavier duty edge restraint for industrial or heavily traversed paver installations.  Finally, a larger profile (taller than standard edge restraints and with a wider flange) that landscape designers could use in a variety of applications from 80 mm thick and greater pavers/slabs to an edge that could be installed to retain oyster shells or DG (decomposed granite).
Similar to the Stable Edge aluminum paver restraint, 4000 Series Restraints may be easily flexed into a variety of shapes.  The 4000 Series will not kink or warp like plastic edge restraints.  The 4000 Series will give you a clean line and a nice crisp edge that will stabilize any installation.
Stable Edge Paver Restraint                              
Low-Profile Paver Edging: 4000 Series
Curv-Rite's low-profile is the ideal restraint for architectural hardscape stones and natural stone such as travertine, flagstone, bluestone, tumbled marble, slate, granite, quartzite, and more.  It is also the product of choice for any thin concrete slab or wet cast paver applications that are less than 2" high.

Low-profile is available in Mill Finish and Deco-Black.  The low-profile is available in two sizes: 1" x 2" x 8' and 1.5" x 2" x 8'.  The low-profile 4000 Series aluminum edging maximizes product performances capabilities, enabling unlimited design and installation possibilities.  One piece can be used for straight runs or for curvilinear applications.  The same piece does it all without having to alter the product in any way.

Where To Use Low Profile Paver Edging:

Travertine Paver Edging: Most Travertine pavers are thinner than your standard concrete pavers and the average plastic edge restraints are typically too high and become visible after installation.  The "low-profile" 4000 Series is twice as strong as plastic edging alternatives and will never warp in the sun.  Another common installation for travertine edges or other paver edging applications is to use concrete mortar at the edges.  Concrete edging is unsightly to say the least and is very rarely installed cleanly or discreetly. 

In the northern climates "concrete toeing" will crack over time and will destabilize the edge of the installation.  The 1-inch high x 2-inch wide and the 1.5-inch high x 2-inch wide 4000 Series aluminum restraint give a clean, sturdy dependable edge that will not fail or become visible over time.

Thin Natural Stone Edging: Another common application for the "low profile" 4000 Series aluminum edging is to be used to retain thin natural stone.  The aluminum edging can be used as: bluestone edging, flagstone edging, sandstone edging or basically any natural stone edging that is typically 2-inches or less in thickness. 

Porous Paving Edging:  The 4000 Series Aluminum Edging can be the ideal edge restraint for thin applications of porous paving mediums where Landscape Architects or Landscape Contractors are looking for a clean low profile edge.  The heavy-duty edge restraint can be used as resin bound edging or resin bonded edging.  For thicker pours please consider the taller profiles that are available in the 4000 Series.

1-inch high low-profile edging is excellent for natual stone
     1.5-inch high low profile edging is excellent for travertine pavers

Available Finishes: 

Mill Finish-Natural Aluminum Finish
    Deco-Black electrostatically applied finish

Low Profile Available Sizes:
1" x 2" x 8'
1.5" x 2" x 8'
Industrial Paver Edging: 4000 Series
Curv-Rite has developed the ideal heavy duty paver restraint/stone restraint.  4000 Series heavy duty edging is thicker and has a larger stabilization flange than Curv-Rite's standard Stable Edge .

Where to Use: Anywhere you may have an application needing increased: strength, height or stabilization than your standard paver installation.  It is the edging of choice for architects and designers for heavy vehicular, commercial and institutional applications.

This product was designed to offer greater flexibility in design and installation while providing more stability as a retainer for a variety of products such as but not limited to:

Standard Paver Restraint Edging:  Interlocking cconcrete paver edging, clay paver edging, asphalt block edging, granite paver edging, paver slab edging or natural cut stone slab edging.  Landscape Architects or Masons have the option to use the heavier-duty 4000 Series over the Stable Edge for commercial or institutional applications.  Another good choice for the heavy-duty edge restraint is for driveway or vehicular applications where the increased wall thickness coupled with the larger stabilizing foot of the 4000 Series give you unparalleled strength.

Larger Paver Edging Applications (3 1/8" thick and greater): The 4000 Series Paver Edging is the brick edging of choice for larger 8cm and greater pavers.  Larger-thicker pavers need stronger edge restraints than what other brick edging products are able to offer.  Simply put, contractors should not be using the same light use plastic edge restraint that they install around a backyard brick patio to retain and hold an 8cm paver in a driveway application. 

Permeable Paver Edging: Increased wall thickness and larger profiles create the ideal attributes for the unique demands placed on edge restraints when used with permeable pavers.  The 4000 Series is an excellent choice to be used for permeable interlocking concrete pavement edging applications.

Pervious Concrete Edging: The strength and durability of the 4000 Series also make it an ideal edge restraint for pervious concrete applications.

Natural Stone Edging: Flagstone edging, bluestone edging, travertine paver edging and cobblestone edging are all ideal applications for the 4000 Series aluminum restraint.  The 4000 Series is available in 1/2-inch increments allowing Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers the ability to choose the specific height for each application.

Aggregate Edging: The aluminum edging can also be used for loose aggregate edging, compacted aggregate edging, decomposed granite edging, crushed oyster shells edging and all types of gravel edging applications where one might want to delineate a clean line between gravel and other media.

Porous Paving: The 4000 Series Aluminum Edging is also an ideal edge restraint for Resin bound edging and resin bonded edging applications.  Choose which aluminum edging product based on thickness of application resin medium.

Available Finishes: 

Mill Finish-Natural Aluminum Finish    Deco-Black electrostatically applied finish
Available Sizes:
2" x 2" x 8'
2.5" x 2" x 8'
3" x 3" x 8'
4" x 3" x 8'

       2.5-inch high heavy duty edge restraint-ideal for 8cm pavers      2-inch heavy duty aluminum restraint is great for driveway applications

Aggregate Restraints: 4000 Series

Designed as a subsurface stone restraint to retain natural cut stone and/or irregular stone.  Curv-Rite's natural stone "L" shaped edging is available in several different depths to meet your installation demands.

4000 Series can also be used to retain gravel and other aggregate
4000 Series Aluminum Edging Benefits:
  • Stabilizes stone placement
  • Creates beautiful sweeping curves
  • Maintains a crisp edge
  • Eliminates aggregate migration
  • Cleanly defines edges
  • Will not rust like steel edging
  • Will not warp or crack like plastic edging