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installation ideas

DG Pathway Edging

Curv-Rite aluminum landscape edging is a great option to delineate between different planting areas.  Cleanly defining one bed area from the next leaving a clean line through your landscape.  Aluminum Edging can also be used to retain DG (Decomposed Granite) or other aggregates as shown in this photo.


Curv-Rite aluminum edging is also available in rigid form to enable clean and crisp lines that are easy to create during installation and remain straight after installation.  Ideal for maintenance strips and drip edges around buildings. 

Installation picture of the Curv-Rite 3000 Series 1/8" x 4" Bronze finish used as a border for a dry river bed.  Also please note tapered ends which help eliminate any tripping hazards and put the finishing touch on this landscape installation.

Curv-Rite Aluminum Edging
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